MMTI_3 sketches


Background and Mission Statement

Established in Multi-Media Training Institute (MMTI), is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community-based organization, located in Ward 7 that was established in 1982 to engage and inspire District of Columbia (DC), youth and young adults to achieve their full potential and give them a voice and tools they need to address any life challenges that they might face over the course of their lifetime. The mission of Multi-Media Training Institute is to empower youth and young adults to creatively use the media arts (including video and radio production, technical theater, journalism/news writing, arts administration, job readiness, and digital marketing) to critically analyze, confidently express and qualitatively document their voices. MMTI was founded by Lyn Dyson, President in 1982, to be a means by which young people are taught to critically analyze, dream and produce how they see their world using the transformation tools of the MMTI program.

MMTI Vision Statement

Within the next three years, MMTI envisions a Media Multi-Cultural Center that will house training facilities along with a 300 seat theater. We plan to host MMTI workshops in multiple cities within the year, establishing a network of training programs in concert with other community based programs. Beginning March 2023, MMTI will begin its nation-wide tour of Campaign 72, an MMTI production of a play about Shirley Chisholm’s run for president.